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Why work at gprs



GPRS is committed to building those who desire to advance their professional career and better their personal lives. We believe it is our purpose to provide growth and development opportunities for our people both personally and professionally. We accomplish this purpose through advancement tools such as our Leadership Development Program and our Project Manager Promotion Track.


Financial Rewards

GPRS offers competitive and incentivized compensations systems along with a world class benefits package. Your compensation ceiling is limited only by the skill and drive you bring to the table. Our benefits package includes an exceptional healthcare insurance platform as well as industry leading paid-time-off allotment and paid holidays. More, GPRS offers a matching 401k system and field team members enjoy using a company vehicle for their work.


Military Personnel

GPRS values leadership, integrity and commitment to excellence. Veterans and former military personnel have found it easy to join the team at GPRS. The independent and disciplined culture found in the U.S. Military makes for an easy transition to our team where those same characteristics are encouraged and desired. Not only to former military personnel thrive on our team, they often find themselves rising through our ranks.


A connected company/community

With diverse team members in every major city in the U.S., you are sure to be joining a GPRS team where collaboration, cooperation, and support are a phone call or text message away. More, our team members often gather with their families to celebrate team successes or just enjoy being together. The atmosphere at GPRS is one of camaraderie and teamwork - we are a network of individuals who come to operate and feel like a family.


Core Values

The cornerstone of our company are our core values; integrity, mutual respect, growth-mindedness, teamwork, and safety. Our goal is to create and work within a company environment where these attributes are exemplified everyday. As an industry leader, we understand that these concepts are not only expected by our customers but demanded by our team members.


Hands-On Work

Our field team members enjoy variety in their day-to-day work. The variety of projects we complete requires our team members to be engaged both physically and mentally with their work. Counting hours and staring at a cubicle wall isn’t in our vernacular. While enjoying the ever-changing pace you will be challenged to solve our customer problems which lie below the surface. It’s hard work but it’s good work.

Build yourself in the construction Industry

If you’re looking for a career opportunity and personal development then GPRS is the place for you. You will be challenged by our hands-on work, developed through our Project Manager Promotion Track and Leadership Development Program, and incentivized by our compensation systems all while being supported and cared for by the best team in the locating industry. Working at GPRS isn’t just a job - apply now to learn more!