Design/Build & Remodel Construction


GPRS has long held to the belief that if there is a tower crane involved on a construction project – we will be there. This has held largely to be true over our last 20 years serving the construction industry. Daily, GPRS works on the highest profile construction projects across the country, scanning concrete and locating utilities on private property. Design-build construction projects vary in size from the $100s of millions to $10s of thousands.

The scope for design-build projects is planned in advance, but the need for our services still exists in these scenarios. Change orders can take place due to design changes, steel embed plates can be missed, concrete sleeves and block-outs can be missed or incorrectly placed, tenant finish design requests and other unforeseen circumstances. When these changes take place, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems is there to deliver critical information regarding concrete slab contents. GPRS Project Managers use concrete scanning gpr to locate electrical conduits, rebar, post-tensioned cables, pre-tensioned cables, nelson studs, welded wire-mesh, concrete beams, and even to determine concrete thickness and cover. A Design-Build construction project can present many challenges in gaining access to a scan area. GPRS is able to use our ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment to tough-to-reach areas by way of a lift, scaffolding, ladder or even a swing stage. These tools allow the scanning of elevated decks, slab-on-grade, hollow-core slabs, exterior walls, pan decking, concrete columns, core walls and any vertical or horizontal concrete surface.

While most projects that are new construction require GPRS Concrete Scanning services, our local utility locating team is needed as well. GPRS is able to mobilize to project sites before the project begins in order to map the location of underground utilities. When utilities are located prior to a project beginning it allows General Contractors to keep the job site safe through damage prevention. Our utility maps and drawings are able to be used throughout the project as construction is completed.