Locating utilities on private property is crucial when performing services that require directional drilling, geotechnical services, Phase I or Phase 2 investigations, environmental drilling and sampling, locating underground storage tanks (UST), soil borings, installing monitoring wells, or site remediation. GPRS can quickly mobilize to your job site and locate critical utilities or USTs that could be in conflict with your drilling or excavation area. The scope for GPRS when working in the environmental sector can vary greatly. We are called to clear soil boring areas at former gas station and laundromat/dry cleaning sites and even to map underground utilities for entire communities that are a part of a SuperFund remediation process. Whether large or small, GPRS is equipped to accurately locate and map underground facilities for any project.

We are able to accomplish this by using multiple locating technologies as outlined in the SIM Specification. By using a combination of different locating technologies such as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction, utilities that lie the path of your geoprobe can be found. When performing directional drilling, directional boring, in-situ or ex-situ soil remediation, or horizontal remediation well drilling, knowing the vertical and horizontal position of utilities is a non-negotiable. Call GPRS today to learn about our industry-leading locating methodology that has produced results exceeding 99% - for the nearly 20 years.