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Fast, reliable and quality service is something that consumers are always in search of when they need an accurate locate. Contractors and environmental companies in need of our services find themselves searching the web for, “concrete scanning near me”, “utility locate near me”, “video pipe inspection near me” “ground penetrating radar services near me” or “gpr company near me” – but there is a solution. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) has locations near you in every major market in the United States.

What are some reasons that a contractor would search for “find utilities near me”? The first reason is that when you find someone “near me”, you can have the assurance that the private utility locating company will know the city, area, and streets in relation to your construction project – ensuring a complete understanding of your local site conditions and how to get there. The next reason to search for something like, “concrete imaging company near me” would be gain the confidence that you are contacting a company that will have a quick response time. If a project manager is able to find a locate company “near me”, the odds are that their need to perform the locate will be satisfied quickly. Another reason to search for “locate utilities near me” would be to find the company that you used the last time you needed a locate. Contractors run on tight schedules and may not take the time to save the contact information for the firm they used a prior time a private utility locate was needed. The final reason to search the web for something like, “video pipe inspection company near me” would be to learn more about the services that will be provided when the local company mobilizes to the construction site.

Ground Penetrating Radar Services (GPRS) is able to satisfy the needs of contractors and environmental companies that are searching the web for “gpr service near me”, nationwide. GPRS has a team in over 50 markets across the US and is able to mobilize to any project site in any area of the country. Damage prevention and cable avoidance is a serious matter. Trust the industry leader in “subsurface scanning solutions near me”, “GPR scan near me”, “Find post tension cables near me”, “utility mapping company near me” “locate lateral sewer lines near me” “pre and post inspection near me” and “concrete x-ray near me”.


To ensure the overall timely success of you project, utility detection is critical to any construction project where a subsurface excavation is planned. If this critical first step is ignored, the risk for injury increases, budget overruns can multiply and your schedule can be delayed.

Video Pipe Inspection (CCTV) is a service used to inspect underground water sewer and lateral pipelines, VPI is a great tool for investigating cross-bores, structural faults and damages, and lateral line inspection.

With new build construction and renovation project, the likelihood of needing to cut or core concrete is high. There is an inherent risk of striking rebar, conduits, and post tension cables during the cutting or coring process. If a strict occurs, repair costs begin to add up, delays creep into your schedule and it creates a safety hazard for your employees.

The goal of the GPRS Deliverables Department is to deliver clear and understandable findings with each of our outputs from field markings to field sketches, KMZ files, or CAD drawings that provide 2D site plans or even 3D CAD models. In addition, upon the completion of every project, our customers receive a job summary that includes job scope information, site photos, description of site conditions, equipment used, and notes from the project.

The GPRS Value - Why we are the most referred company in the industry.


Consultative Approach

A project specific consultative approach - a GPRS trademark – ensures we provide valuable problem-solving solutions to keep your job moving. The layout of structural reinforcement or underground utilities, can be complex. Our standard operating procedure involves conversations, reviewing maps, site walks, utility locating and the formulation of a detailed deliverable.


Proven Results

Since our inception, GPRS has completed hundreds of thousands of utility, concrete and pipe inspection projects. Our accuracy rate on these projects is historically over 99%. GPRS Project Managers follow a strict specification called Subsurface Investigation Methodology. SIM specifies the required training, technologies, and methodology for cable avoidance and concrete scanning.


Rapid Response

The need for concrete scanning, video pipe inspection and underground utility locating can arise quickly. At GPRS, we realize that our response time can impact your project staying on track. We are committed to arrive at your site quickly - often within 24-48 hours. Our Project Managers arrive on site with all the tools and training needed to locate your utilities and concrete reinforcement.


Nationwide Network

Are you looking for the best ground penetrating radar service provider near you? GPRS has an unmatched local and nationwide network, providing utility damage prevention, concrete imaging, and video pipe inspection (CCTV) in a city near you. Our presence in every major market allows for quick local response and the ability to perform gpr services for projects with a national scale.