May 02

CCTV Robotic Crawler Discovery Of Major Voids and Corrosion

A customer recently had a pothole surface in their parking lot. The customer was not sure what the root cause of the pothole was and decided to call our CCTV inspection services department to use the cctv robotic crawler system in the surrounding storm pipes. The NASSCO certified project manager arrived onsite and discovered major issues in the pipeline below the parking lot that could have led to major issues. The CCTV inspection services project manager discovered major voids underneath the asphalt surface as well as corrosion within the pipes. High quality video footage was sent directly to the customer in order to reveal the issues at hand.

The customer was extremely satisfied with our CCTV sewer inspection camera and its capabilities. The parking lot had to be shut down because it was determined unsafe based on the findings of the CCTV inspection services project manager. CCTV pipeline inspections can help with early detection of major issues.

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