May 01

CCTV Robotic Crawler Camera Storm Pipes

A customer was not sure at what point the storm pipes made a turn and need help locating it. The customer hired our CCTV inspection services department to use the robotic crawler camera system to determine where the turn was. The NASCCO certified project manager was able to access the pipe and determine at what linear footage there was a turn. Also, the manager located an additional lateral that the customer was unaware of. The CCTV inspection services project manager located a lateral at the same location that the pipe made a turn at. The CCTV inspection services project manager was able to capture high quality video footage of the location as well as photos for the customer.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the ability of the CCTV sewer inspection robotic crawler system. Once the turn was discovered, the CCTV sewer inspection services project manager was able to crawl down the additional section of the pipe and locate various discrepancies in that section of the pipe as well. The project manager located holes that were leaking soil in to the pipeline. The project manager was not only able to show the customer these discrepancies in real time but also provided a full NASSCO certified report.

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